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i’m love. (a haiku)

7 Apr

sometimes he forgets,
he doesn’t have to prove a
thing to me. i’m love.

(artwork by chidi okoye)

you know (a haiku).

21 Feb

look in the mirror.
and name her. never let them
tell you who you are.

i have found a tailor.

9 Sep

your thread is closing
my seams – i’m used to holding
myself together,

used to sewing my
own tears, hemming my own pants -
but these new clothes fit

just like you do.

shoved in a corner, i found these today…

17 Aug

both untitled.

this is familiar.
even the weakest knives
can burn
through the ropes
that bind
why pretend
to tie knots?

air is more intense
than your love for me now.
just forget me then.

i want to keep you.

16 Aug

i want you past six
hundred moons. dare i say it,
i want to keep you.

(artwork by hale woodruff)


15 Jul

fake poses faded
with changes, and old faces
became the real thing.

all in.

15 Jul

slow-burning turned us
into wildfire – we love

(artwork by ernest williamson III)


8 Jul

i’ve been praying for
something to believe in
that might grow despite you.

(only because
i am better
with you.)


30 Jun

dear Lord, please wash my
skin with rain, and tomorrow
dress me in the sun.

(artwork by bernard stanley hoyes)

check these ole jawns out (c) philly…

24 Jun

…cause i haven’t written in a while :-(

can i keep you?

14 Jun

this ain’t addiction,
but you are necessary.
please, can i keep you?

haiku #15

17 May

love is standing at
the edge of my tongue, waiting

for him to catch it.

more (a haiku)

15 May

more than i don’t want
to share, i don’t want to be
shared. you don’t get it.

haiku #14

11 May

resting next to my
thoughts – your smile is sitting there,
i thank god for you.

haiku #13

11 May

war, in defense of
what? to protect humankind
or your kind? tell me.

teacher diaries (helplessness, in haiku).

10 May

my tears are doing
nothing for you. i’m sorry
that i can’t do more.

writer’s block, again.

21 Apr

today i got stuck,
my thoughts choking stubborn words.
hiding, or missing.

selah (a haiku)

21 Apr

your hands drive voices
from the bellies of my drums.
keep singing to me…

keep lifting me, and
saving me, and reminding
me. i can sing, too.


(artwork by mequitta ahuja)

the sweetest thing (v.2)

2 Apr

i think the sweetest
thing/i ever heard/was,
“i’m right here/with you.”

(artwork by chidi okoye)

school (in haiku)

29 Mar

a student sits still,
contemplates another “fail”
“school just ain’t for me.”

i am more me like this. (more haiku!?)

18 Feb

his eyes haven’t moved.
makes me wonder what he hears
as his thoughts meet mine.

i can’t look away -
as he stretches into me,
he frees my secrets.

(i am more me like this.)

i dream in color, a haiku

17 Feb

i have cried in red,
danced in orange and kissed beneath
a tint of yellow.

i have slept on beds
of green, washed my back with blues.
i’ve dreamed in color.

(artwork by selma glass)

chasing faces. (another haiku)

10 Feb

she chases faces,
racing people for sunlight.
running from herself.

(artwork by chidi okoye)

a dream, in haiku.

9 Feb

last night i dreamed you
fell in love with someone who
was not me. i cried.

(artwork by paul goodnight)


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