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it’s ALWAYS that complicated…

11 Nov

“We should be able to exist as we are: flawed, complicated, beautiful, and proud…” (via

when egypt was kemet…

10 Nov

take me back.  when egypt was kemet and we loved each other openly.  take me to our other life.  when i let myself fall and you caught me.  when we were both cats, hatian revolutionaries, or regulars at a harlem speakeasy.  i want the yesterday i can’t remember but am nostalgic for.  quiet mornings in bedsheets.  pillow talk, books, and busy afternoons.  walking city night streets, my arm wrapped up in yours with my head on your shoulder.  i want what we had when we believed in love.  when naïveté had a friend in us.  when freedom was our heart’s amour, and we called her peace.  when we just were what we were as it was, because we let it.  take me to our first life.  when egypt was kemet and we loved each other publicly.

his drum…

6 Nov

i think it is because of his drum
that he is close to the earth, so deep
he is nearer the sun than each one of us.
and when i am with him,
i am home.
his drum,
it is strange.
and awesome.
as if lions joined with gazelles
to birth a royalty
so fiercely powerful, it is elegant
with a fire strong enough to breathe mine
and feed me.
and a rare, honest confidence
that stares through his eyes
to inspire a sincerity
i find in his smile.
and when he trusts me with it,
i am home.
he has a drum
unlike any other i have ever heard.
he moves me
and i can dance to him
like no one is watching.

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