it’s ALWAYS that complicated…

11 Nov

“We should be able to exist as we are: flawed, complicated, beautiful, and proud…” (via

3 Responses to “it’s ALWAYS that complicated…”

  1. vintage__t November 19, 2009 at 11:03 pm #

    it takes a mature human being to TRULY except us as we are. Conversely, we should not hide behind this sentiment when we are afraid to grow…

  2. pdotberry December 24, 2009 at 11:34 pm #

    as usual, you ain’t never lie. it certainly requires someone who is mature (i.e. confident, self-reflective and aware) to accept someone – flaws and ALL. but it definitely should not be an excuse for getting comfortable…

    the article doesn’t really talk about balancing the two. everything is so polarized. and yet at the same time she suggests that we should be able to be as we are, she says this: “Though it is important that they are shared with the world, I sometimes think Push and For Colored Girls are works that are better kept in our hearts as the great works that they are rather than be ‘written down, spliced down, passed around among strangers’ hands.'”

    and for me, she’s speaking to the challenge. as long as we are afraid of what people will do with our flaws, we’ll never show them. forever conceal them, and never grow. its dangerous both personally, and (given this context) for black women as a “collective” (however real or imagined you see it).

    we have to get our stuff out there. let people say and do what they want and prepare ourselves to respond. thats one way to pursue change, in my opinion…

  3. tj December 28, 2009 at 1:57 am #

    ok, so i hadn’t read the article when i made my previous comment…(that was rooted in general relationship awareness, had nothing to do with Push/Precious), lol.

    having read it now, i see your point. the author is insightful while sharing her personal struggle of how best to articulate her opinions regarding the issue of media representation.

    i agree whole heartedly that it is difficult to aprreciate “green light” stories (those ok’d by gatekeepers) when the “tyranny” (as she puts it) that flattens our existance is hard at work…

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