on silence, and the violence it protects.

30 Dec

she gets no apology.
no vindication.
her bruises seek consolation
but they find no relief.

no one mourns wounds
they refuse to see.
there are no eulogies
for those who never breathed…

those are the first lines of a poem i apparently will not finish anytime soon, and started writing while working on a piece that addresses sexual violence and abuse – which i am also struggling to wrap up. to say the least, my thoughts are convoluted – almost like the issue itself. in the meantime, check out the link below for part of the conversation i’m grappling with. i am primarily concerned with how everyday conversations and popular media representations treat black female bodies, and the ways “silence” reinforces the problems of sexual violence and abuse. know that i understand this is overwhelmingly tangled with so many other considerations, and this is not even half of it…

“…the reality is that women will continue to be raped and those sexual assaults will continue to be met with silence and a degree of dismissiveness that holds the victims accountable for attacks on their bodies.”
(from “Rape and the Black Woman,” an article by Mark Anthony Neal: http://www.thenewblackmagazine.com/view.aspx?index=660)

(artwork by larry “poncho” brown)


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    […] reminds me… “no one mourns wounds/they refuse to see./there are no eulogies/for those who never breathed…” […]

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