falling stars, shooting.

24 May

i would like to step
into the footprints
of falling stars
just so i can know them.
those bright
with their short lives
and their erratic stares.
sitting above
the ceilings
that cover our ears
from their burning journeys
and moon sky conversations.
and their secrets.
and wisdom.

musing among themselves.
hoping to connect
with us,
still having faith
in the worst
in us.
for us
to (re)discover them,
despite the gravity
of each of our jaded parts,
which bind us here.
which have grown
to refuse love.

on days like this
i’d like to go up there.
or down there –
wherever they are.
so deep inside of me,
i am beyond myself.
outside of the clothes
that bear all my stains,
and the make-up that sits
on top
of my mistakes.

free. burning bright,
and slowly falling
to join
the pools of dreams
with the histories
of those of us
who wouldn’t stop
in those strange things
that fall,
carrying faith
in their arms
and love riding
on their backs.

falling stars, shooting…

(artwork by chidi okoye)

One Response to “falling stars, shooting.”

  1. 1markt May 24, 2010 at 7:49 pm #

    Ver nice.

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