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30 Jun

dear Lord, please wash my
skin with rain, and tomorrow
dress me in the sun.

(artwork by bernard stanley hoyes)

check these ole jawns out (c) philly…

24 Jun

…cause i haven’t written in a while 😦

even when we’re apart.

23 Jun

my eyes walk slowly
across your words
just so i can hold you.
resting myself
deep inside of them,
preserving them
like my kisses do
when they search you.
like blind eyes
trying to remember
by touch
in spite of themselves.
i want to feel you
with no heed to
the space that waits
for us to cross it

so that you can be with me
even when we’re apart.

my love…

19 Jun

my love
these long
(infrequent) walks.
so in your absences
she indulges
in your horizon,
hugging her
with big,
red-orange suns
and yellow skies
dipped in blue.
and promising

forgive me
if i do not say much,
if i only tell you her secrets
in fragments,
when i can catch
my breath.
my eyes
are still fumbling
over what they detect.
this is all
way too beautiful –
you’ll see.

can i keep you?

14 Jun

this ain’t addiction,
but you are necessary.
please, can i keep you?

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